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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 31, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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have a great night. we will see you right back here on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: house republicans working towards a proposal on immigration reform and their concern is that they can't trust president obama. a concern shared by most americans on our host of issues, according to the latest polling. today the president confirmed that there is skepticism. "the weekly standard" executive editor fred barnes joins us for the mixed and conflict in messages on immigration and his politicization of the keystone xl pipeline. in a rough january for investors.
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and super bowl xl. fox is in town and so are the contenders. the broncos and the seahawks are set to go at it on sunday. "lou dobbs tonight" begins right now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. president obama began the day with a promising message for house republicans who outlined a set of principles to shape immigration reform efforts. president obama was asked by another network whether he would veto an immigration bill that did not provide a path to citizenship. he responded by saying that i am not going to prejudge what gets to my desk. a little over five hours later president obama had already changed his view and his term and his words. instead threatening executive
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action if he does not get his way. here's the president during a google chat this afternoon. >> there are still some differences and the devil is in the details. it is my belief that we can get immigration reform done this year. and i don't want to presuppose that we can't if, at some point, we see that it is not getting done. i will look at all options to make sure that we have a rational and smart system of immigration. lou: less than an hour later jay carney made comments that they are forthcoming to the proposal. the spokesman told the white house press corps that the present stance on immigration reform has not changed. >> his position is well known and we he said on multiple occasions. it is black-and-white and it has
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embodied the principles and the legislation passed by the senate. lou: the white house giving mixed messages on immigration reform. but ask them about keystone pipeline and they cannot dodge the question for enough. so much for the year of action. he declined to say when the president would do so. they raised no objections to the construction. the report triggers a 90 day deadline for the president to react. it stopped short of recommending approval and it does give the president political coverage if he chooses to endorse it. aspiring opposition from democrats and environmentalist groups. president obama met with ceos today of some of the largest companies in the country. and they talked about ways to help long-term unemployed. asking business leaders to revamp their hiring practices and reach out to the nearly
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4 million americans who have been jobless for six months or more. the so-called long-term unemployed. among the 300 companies, ford and pppsi in xerox and at&t, and because the president offered this threat as well. >> congress decides whether or not it will be on the code for it insurance for americans. we know what works and we know what we can see what we will do without additional legislation to make dents in the long-term unemployment process. lou: immigration in the contest between republican is in the white house on the top story of the day. immigration legislation is by far the most divisive issue basing the republican party.
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it will determine which side of the gop emerges victorious. it will help to render hispanic voters and their opponents, say that they will split the party and the win back the senate. joining us now is "the weekly standard", fred barnes. good to have you here. as every republican will tell you, they don't feel that they can trust him to enforce whatever law they agreed here. that appears to be the chief stumbling block. today within a matter of five hours reversed and out on that very issue. >> and the reason that he is such an adamant is because even if republicans passed
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legislation, house republicann passed the legislation, it would legalize 11 million immigrants in the country. and there are requirements to actually be part of this legal life. and republicans don't believe that the president would enforce those. so even if they were in favor of immigration reform, just don't trust the president. that's a big impediment and one that will probably prevent them from agreeing on immigration reform this year. >> over arching the fact that the fact that neither party is using facts with which to persuade either their colleagues and their caucus let alone the american people. i have not heard the president of the united states were speaker boehner speak to the number of legal immigrants that enter this country every year. the number of permanent resident green cards are issued by the government every year.
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and those who are naturalized every year. including if legislation is passed and signed. this is, to me, jaw-dropping. that these two parties are reading this far in their rhetoric and maneuvers without sharing with the american people are hearing or the fact of the matter. does this not surprise you what they need to talk about so many other things is what you are referring to. and that is how our current immigration system works. what is right with it and what is wrong with it. all they talk about is what they want to do. and they need to do more than now. if you prefer to the so-called family reunification system, which allows many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that come in just because they
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are a cousin or a relative of somebody who is already here. and it doesn't let a select for immigration talented and skilled people, highly educated people who will help the american economy beyond it is one of the reasons that, to me, it is at least surprising. good luck, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, has come forward with four bills and part of the mix that will be moved incrementally if he has his place supported by his plans with the speaker of the leadership. it would be incremental and it would be reasonable and it would be the rules of regular order and hearings that the american people would be educated and the congress itself would be educated on the issue. there is a rush reflects on the republican leadership as well. i fully support the house
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judiciary plan. it is the answer and the reasonable way forward here to put it in the terms of mr. obama. why in the world such an effort to do this rush and not bring forward the facts and lineup ans before creating law that sometimes has unintended consequences or just negative and 10 -- intended consequences. >> lou, if you like that approach and i like that approach, the president is not going to like and democrats will not like this. lou: just what you and i were thinking. >> yes, but it is a way, it is a potential way and the only way to you will get immigration reform passed. not just here but any year in the reasonable future. republicans would have to decide that there is a political issue.
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as well as in 2016 attracting more hispanic voters and they maa be right. on the other hand this year the critics say wait a minute. we have the greatest issue that we have had in decades. it's obamacare. let's not do anything that divides us and distract her focus on obamacare. lou: it could be argued that republicans could never resist that opportunity. thank you for being here. on wall street, stocks finishing lower. the dow jones plummeting 150 points and the s&p 500 down 11. the dow jones and s&p both posting the worst month since 2012. down 5.35%. the nasdaq posting monthly losses of just under 2%. amazon shares tumbling 11% following yesterday's earnings. shares of chevron down 4% and earnings dropping 32% at the
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fourth quarter. investors didn't like that either. wal-mart has a slight decline in sales in the fourth quarter. despite a lack of personal income growth, and the midwest racing for another brutal storm tonight. the weather people say that this storm is widespread and will bring multiple waves of snow and freezing rain across much of the country ranging from the great plains to northern new england. sunday's super bowl in new jersey, not expected to be affect did by harsh winter weather. light snow falling across the rockies. intensifying throughout the night into late saturday. january ranking is the third heaviest month for snowfall since records were kept in 1880. the national weather service also warned of a potential storm next tuesday or wednesday.
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the half of that storm is uncertain at this time, but we know one thing. it will not affect the super bowl. up next, speaker john boehner and the house republicans on a path to immigration reform. john fund, national review columnist, on what the party is all about. now that the leader in the house has dubbed it the alternative party. we are coming back and stay with us. i ys say be thman with the plan
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lou: this is what happens when an activist leader says that he was held captive for more than a week and tortured in serious attacks in the antigovernment demonstrators who took to the streets 10 months ago.
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ukraine's president took indefinite president and stalling negotiations to end the crisis and signed into law a bill offering to grant amnesty to the demonstrators. hoping that they seized and remained in control of that. it is unlikely to happen, the relinquishment of those buildings. the first round of syrian peace talks ended with no progress on how to end the three-year civil war. the u.n. mediator described it as a modest beginning. the next round is set for the second week in february. seeking to find themselves and to find themselves as the party of alternatives, legislation that could replace obamacare this year. joining us now is the national
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review columnist john fund. it's good to have you with us. first of all, i don't think i understand very and why would they come out with an alternative right now? and secondly why would they not have as scored by the cbo whether that another group that no one seems to be too familiar with. and it's fine to campaign against obamacare, but we have to tell people something because the health care system is a mess. this includes legitimate grievances about the current system. >> so it becomes a bit of a theatrical farce, doesn't it? we know that any of the legislation they put forward will not be any appeal to the senate floor to this president. >> right, not this year, but next year. because of you remember the
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contract with america was just a bunch of land phrases in 1994. people dismissed it. but it proved to be the blueprint of passing the contract with america. lou: are you forecasting that that will be the outcome. >> i am never hopeful that often oster mystic. lou: we will haveean opportunity to show the optimistic side and you'll be back with us as we analyze the next lord the day's political viewings at which there are many in which require some deep analysis. thank you. up next, the super bowl. two days away. former broncos star and future hall of famer john lynch joins us next with the insider information on what to expect. stay with us, we are coming right back
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lou: super bowl 48 is upon us and it is expected to be one of the coldest teams play outdoors since 1972 in new orleans. some other fascinating super bowl figures, at least we hope that you will find them fascinating. it costs $12 to see the big game
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back in 1967 and fans are shelling out an average of $1200 per seat. new york and new jersey must be feeling pretty good. including the new jersey and new york economy. many of them visiting new york city alone. they may be a little bit upset. and it will come with a hefty price tag. costing $4 million for each poor second commercial. that is running just below 100% ssnce 2002. nbc paying a combined. the nba and major league baseball contracts and the nhl combined. it is a big deal. our next guest is a big deal as well. all-pro safety with the tampa bay buccaneers.
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i always associate him with the denver broncos and he is a finalist for the hall of fame. john lynch will be in the red. fox sports with us now. john lynch. see him on the pregame show kick off bonds fox sports is sunday. @% i think it is just a modest statement. >> i actually am a bronco fan and have been for a long time. and so it's a pleasure to see you here. so if i start stuttering like a fan, forgive me. >> i am a fan as well. i watch her show quite a them. lou: i appreciate that. this is going to be quite a game. everyone is expecting a lot. as we know from past super
7:24 pm
bowls, sometimes that means it's a dud. what do you think that will mean? >> that is one of the reasons that i am so excited for. and i have covered the seahawks a number of times, did the divisional playoff games at an excellent football team. you have strength number one offense of what the denver broncos and just a dominant defense with in seattle. a fantastic quarter back and russell wilson. it's hard to find an edge in this game it will make for a fantastic game and one that will keep everyone excited to the very end. lou: are producers are looking at some statistics. and number one, passing offense. in the words passing defense as well, it is all the same team.
7:25 pm
number one defense in terms of their offense and how does that work out and does it tell us anything. >> i think for teams to get this far they are playing well and all sides. struggling early in the year and i think those numbers can be deceiving. but i think looking to those things, there is defense and their ability to play the football. lou: as i sat here watching the game, i thought that this is a game that i think most of us who played the game and the level that we are not professionals by any structure come i wasn't even dreaming of the professionals.
7:26 pm
and i'm looking at laying it on somebody and moving with the speed. this is bone crushing stuff and the offense is complicated. i'm hoping to keep up with you guys if you tell me what is going on. >> the complexity of the game seems crazy and it is incredibly complex and the game has evolved and changed. what i like about these playoffs is we are coming back to the old school principals and can you stop the run and block and tackle. and the unique thing is that we truly have the best teams in football in the game. that's hard to do and how the expectations of being there from the exterior and from within their own locker room as well. to be here is fantastic for the game due on the personalities. peyton manning is the top of the billing and russell wilson. a great story.
7:27 pm
you have the names and the stories that go on and on. can you give us a view of what you, john lynch, who you think are the best stories in the day? >> you can't go wrong with him against this defense. and he has a lineup of receivers that is just unparalleled. it's a pick your poison situation. the guys on the outside, the guys on the inside, they can also run the football. it for the backend and it's hard to get after peyton manning. he gets rid of the ball so quickly and are so much intrigue in this game. going a long way towards being that. >> that's right. they even got a lot of attention. but they have to be pretty good.
7:28 pm
>> very underrated and a lot of people say that peyton manning gets rid of the football so quickly and that is why they look good. but lately they have been controlling that running the football very well. i think it's a very unheralded and underrated unit steel and you want to give us your pick? >> i like the denver broncos. a fantastic team. going down to the very end, i do like he'd manning. he's an unbelievable season and a great season coming back. i think it's his time. lou: we want to redeem and we know that we will did a game that is great. and i want to stay objective and neutral. >> we don't like seattle right now. [laughter] and it is worthwhile. every thing we can. check it out on sunday. game time is 6:30 p.m. eastern.
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tune in five hours before that. we're coming right back. >> president obama and his year of action. i will tell you why the liberal mainstream media poodle lapdog act could be about over. will they really returned to their watchdog ways? all that is coming up next. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you'rtang. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, fl unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin eyes. these could be sig of rare but seris side effects. crestor! yes! [ fele announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford yo medication, astrazeneca y be able toelp. ♪ lou: well, here is so fun. talk about a guy who belongs in the hall of fame. with a great pleasure. welcome of foreign the past five years the national liberal media has been tweeting president obama as obama's qaeda. things are changing. some of those in the national liberal media are taking out their obama rose : glasses. listen to new york times executive editor and obama
7:33 pm
acolyte jill abrams who said this yesterday. journalism about sensitive national-security issues is effectively being criminalize to , and they're real freeze is setting into what had been up to this point a hlth the e bween sucd urnasts th f th imes to aliras ariearlier this month that obma's white house is the most secret white house she has ever covered. i don't know what has gotten in to her, but she is clearly in the midst of some kind of conversion. mary she picked up a copy of of people and took to heart some of what i said about the national media failing the american public. listen to this excerpt from the people the audio book. most of outiol mdia loerle
7:34 pm
over a vast, powerful federal government. the national media of performing basically more as lap dogs that more stocks. many of the country's leading political journalists are in fact co-conspirators and the political left. so maybe abrams has simply realized that americans are simply fed up with our media watchdogs acting like little pink poodle lap dogs for mr. obama. take this survey from public policy polling that asked respondents to name the most trusted news organizations. in first place fox news, 35 percent of americans say they just fox more than any other news organization. in last place ms nbc and nbc news that just yesterday was forced to apologize for accusing conservatives of 18 biracial families. at some point the mainstream liberal media has to awakened to the allies that the obama
7:35 pm
administration and democrats have fed us along a broad, broad line of issues. has taken a long time, but even the pied piper of the liberal left, none other than john stewart, could not hide his shock and revulsion. democrat nancy pelosi is unable to answer is simple direct questions about the rollout of obamacare. >> why is it so hard to get the company to execute that confidently? >> i don't know. [laughter] >> no, and that's myyquestion. >> let me get the house minority leader. dagen as curve. what do you mean you don't know? opinion not know? >> is in my responsibility. lou: not her responsibility. pick up a copy of of people in a bookstore near you. pick up one of walmart. the audio book is available
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everywhere. amazon, barnes and noble. of people, i shield against those playing useful idiots in washington d.c. we are giving away free copies to those two right in the coming e-mail, tweet, and facebook post that we read here. here are a few of tonight's top comments. bob ann-margret will be to set republican of lost their way. the country is desperately looking for someone who is not afraid to be honest, trustworthy, and paid and integrity. such a person would be very welcome indeed. cheryl wrote in to say please continue administering your doses of reality to the republicans. it may just help us get our nation back to the place where the american dream was something worth striving toward. and david roe, about the keystone pipeline the weather is no reason why president obama should not approve the keystone pieplant except for playing
7:37 pm
politics and costing the united states thousands of jobs and endless opportunities. we love to hear from you. e-mail me. follow us on twitter. get to our facebook page, links everything found. up next, a federal government shooting down the dreams of the midwest to an entrepreneur. we have the story of the ingenious plan. and a down week for the market's closing of a down month on wall street. what does it pretend for 2014? moody's chief economist is next. ♪ mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from genetion to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families
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hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. ♪ lou: the dow and s&p posting the worst monthly decline since may of 2012. and not so glad.
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here with his outlook on these markets and the economy, chief economist for moody's capital markets. great to have you here. who do you like in the super bowl? was hit to the big question first. >> family ties demand the root for denver. my sisters brother-in-law is a democrat who is in lieutenant governor of colorado. lou: and going to have to be and not less certainty of a lot less to for you, especially since you're pulling for denver which happens to remind. a love it. these markets are crumbling around us. people are talking about a correction. and they say it is upon us. it is nothing to worry about. it is just a little bit of applause. maybe a big correction, but overall bull market. that does not make a lick of sense to me. >> when the market is overvalued it is more vulnerable to a
7:42 pm
correction whenever you have some source of worry. right now people are concerned about emerging markets. in all likelihood these concerns will probably prove to have been overdone. but for the time being i would look for a correction. equities drifted lower for a while. at some point eventually that 10-year treasury yield is moving lower. it will arrange a two 1/4, to a half percent regardless of the fed tapering. when that happens the equity market studies and resumes its assent to. lou: here looking at 265 right now. we just need a 15 basis points. maybe all little more. happy days are here again. >> talking about emerging markets, it's hard to believe that ever since treasury yields began to move higher in may of last year we have had an index of home sales declining each and every month since then. cumulative decline of 17%.
7:43 pm
lou: is that right? >> that is right. you can look it up. lou: that is why you're here, to educate me. i had no idea. >> that is kind of cary. what is holding a pen housing market are cash-only buyers. investors, foreigners, and rich americans. the average middle-class comerica and is basically for retreating from the housing market, perhaps waiting for either mortgage yields to grow over income growth to seller. lou: the affordability index means something. >> it does mean something. does not forget, we have good news on consumer spending, but income is still performing poorly. for the month of december spending topped expectations. income fell short of expectations. lou: and nobody has an answer for. president obama wants to talk about income inequality, but he doesn't have a prescription. the democrats don't. added to the republicans. the republicans are trying to
7:44 pm
run from the issue. the reality is this is a big, big problem in our society and our economy. lou: -- >> we are seeing the worst income rose by far of any recovery since the 1940's. until we get a recovery in terms of income growth we're not going to see much happen by consumer spending or by spending and housing. lou: to you think the republicans will ever learn to talk about the middle-class? all of the fact that the president today again is talking about the middle-class. he said it more eloquently. that's what it's about. this american free enterprise capitalist economy. that is why we are about. >> this is not so much trying to climb above the middle class as trying to stay unit. now fall into the lower class. with the answers, as you said earlier, really don't know. we definitely need more in terms of business and political leaders in order to get our
7:45 pm
economic engine during in. lou: give back $3 trillion. get it into business investment straightaway. start focusing of small business. rerun of time. unless you have another. >> businesses need somebody to sell to. as long as income growth is lagging is hard to find customers. lou: maybe they should pay somebody living wage. >> to point. lou: all right. great to have you with us and good luck and the super bowl. like your forecast. the federal aviation administration grounding an ingenious idea for a drove delivery service. minnesota mike robbery coming up with the idea to rush pier by drone to a ice fisherman all across the frozen lakes. lake mead beer company president jack supple joining fox news today with an optimistic outlook despite the faa blocking his dreams.
7:46 pm
>> you are saying it will happen. do i have that clear? >> it's happening. if not by john wright know we will go buy something else. who will figure out a differ way to get it out to them. you know, we are looking down arroba that drove ports. lou: you have to love it. the idea is better than amazon. maybe a p.r. stunt for free media, but it sure worked. our best to you and good luck with your license application. could lead to all the fisherman in major product. up next a brand-new poll puts of four republican candidate for president at the top of the order for 2016. a blast from the past may surprise you. the "a-team" takes that up and more. we're coming right back. ♪ this is thquicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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♪ lou: our "a-team" tonight back with us, national review columnist, former schumer aide christopher hunt, and the political reporter for real clear politics. good to have you with this. let's start with what do you make of the new york times now talking about national security is effectively being criminalize jill abramson, executive director of the new york times. >> at top complaint among reporters of the white house is that affirmation is really kind of hard to come by. we have seen throughout the past year with things coming on with the nsa and reporters at this network having trouble ggtting access to resources and things like that being a problem. so i think this is handle a
7:51 pm
long-running issue. lou: what happened to the open, transparency the first executive order the guy gns an efakes george bu's eventour.redential apers >> the diference beteen hereheis, h cmpaigneds ideogue. he gets into office and has to face the realities of being president of the united states. it's a very dangerous world. i am not exactly thrilled with the way he is handle national-security, and it should be more open to transparency reporters who want to have a reasonable conversation. there has to be a balance. lou: that is always tough to find in wartime. we are war. a lot of od'twato a n the. your thoughts on the nsa, the boundaries year for national security and for the rights of
7:52 pm
citizens. >> well, it would be one thing if this just happened with national-security. the obama secrecy is across all the government. i mean, the attorney general has been censured by congress for not turning over documents in the fast and furious drug scandal. the federal appeals court, including in a obama appointee this week unanimously said the administration was a violation of the freedom of permission at. across the board this administration wants to clam up, shut up, until reporters to go away. lou: stone wall is the word that he did not use, and that is what the administration has done. >> the sunny and comes right after that. lou: it does not really -- well, anyway. the matter is there stonewalling. it is absolutely egregious, and the national media has not had the debts, including the new york times.
7:53 pm
>> she runs a tight ship in his press operation. not a lot of leaks in that administration. lou: a tight ship. he can't even get a website up. >> we're talking about the media operation. lou: put together the nominees to fit the topples executive -- >> not a lot of leaks out of the obama administration. having been in political operations, worked in leaky ships and their work in tech ships. the obama winehouse -- lou: this was -- this one is an abomination. his poll numbers are only as bad as those george w. bush and his sixth year. this is a man who is losing his -- has lost his popularity. he has descended to a level that i don't think anyone would have expected when he first was elected or reelected. >> you will get better this year. i am very enthused by his speeches. lou: i will write that down as a
7:54 pm
forecast. caitlin, your thoughts about the reality right now. we have, as we look at the number of congressmen and senators, it is about even in the senate and the else. a sizable number of resignations, retirements. this looks like a wide-open year , as wide-open as these midterms get. from one party or the other to seize control or maintain control. >> right. this is the time of year where you will see a lot of retirement because filing deadlines, primaries, and the election is taking place. what is interesting to see over the past couple of days and weeks are top members of the democratic caucus and the house decided to leave. people like henry waxman as reason as early this week announcing that they're going to leave congress after many years which suggests that they don't expect to release the hitting its chairmanship anytime soon.
7:55 pm
that puts them -- lou: to you see any indication that the republicans will be able to regain control? >> there is. it will be an uphill battle, but there are some education's 54 example, republicans have been putting candidates in the place of relief catching a lighter and that for some of these. it will capitalize on something you just mentioned, the approval rating in also heads to his personal approval rating. they're hoping to seize that. the health care narrative, the overarching theme of the campaign, but they also really need to look in some of these races more locally and kind of what we saw in the house republican retreat yesterday in the day before pushing this narrative as the party of alternatives, not just the opposition. lou: i don't get that. at no good alternative. i mean, shouldn't you be the
7:56 pm
party of the middle-class or party of the working man and woman, party of the american dream. i am the alternative party. >> you have to have ideas. lou: right. >> the point is i think they're looking it beyond 2014 trying to show how they can govern or have some kind of idea. lou: look good 2014 for a while. i want to cut turn to you. sorry. go ahead. >> i was going to say the problem is in order to have these ideas yet to unite around them. their still looking for ways to address the debt ceiling and other things. it is an announcement. lou: the republicans have made it pretty clear that there not going to get hung up on the shoals of the debt ceiling fight . are we going to see this party unites? >> well -- lou: we have about 30 seconds. >> this farm bill that we passed , but partisanship, you know, it is just business as usual, throwing more money to
7:57 pm
food stamps, more money to corporate farmers, not solving the underlying problems. it is depressing. lou: well, with that depressing now we have to say thank you for being with us. thank you. every weekend. ctile dysfunction- ctile dysfunction- that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytimethe '. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approvedo treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medal conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexuaactivity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, immediate medical help for an erection lastin more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or iyou have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives,
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to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partl. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. >> did you what to use the irs to bride conservatives also taking the latter out from anybody that disagrees. that is what the new irs proposal was. >> ee dow but republicans are not backing down from the fight. i am charles payne when willis not? which mcconnell says irs is targeting conservatives again and the rules with voices from the outsid


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